Sunday, May 2, 2010

De Feet

Its after midnight and we are just back from the stadium. I'm sweaty, tired, hungry and thirsty. Everything you'd expect to be after a long evening at the track, but thankfully all went well. I paced my ass off and then sat back to watch and support my fellow athletes in their respective events.

The highlight of the evening was Usain Bolt. For those not in the know, Usain is the Olympic Champion and World Record holder for the men's 100m & 200m and tonight he proved once again why he's the best in the world when he sreaked to a comfortable victory in the 200m.

Because I was using the old point n' shoot I tried to position myself as close to the finish line as possible to snap a photo of Mr Bolt and I did get a couple.

These are some of the photographers waiting to capture the worlds fastest man.

This is my snap shot of the word's fastest man.

And just for you Don, here are De Feet of the worlds fastest man. It was almost De Legs, De Torso and De Head too, but some random dude threw his backpack into my shot at the last second. Sorry.

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DON said...

oh well,deeze feet are better than no feet...these are special feet!!!! Looks like the pace was just right. good job!