Friday, May 7, 2010

Hooked Up

This evening Dexter and I were on our way to the forrest to run some trails. We were in high spirits, bouncing and singing along to the radio. Its Friday and both of us are excited cos the weekend is finally here.

At one point I look in my rear view mirror and there behind me are the evil blue flashing lights. Seriously? What did I do? I know my singing skills are not excellent, but getting pulled over because of if? Surly not. But I pull over. I roll down the window as the officer lady approaches and Dexter being the social puppy he is, sticks his head out hoping to get a "Hello".

Officer lady asks me for my license and insurance. Then she asks my dogs name. Thinking nothing of it I say, "Dexter" and I hand her my license. "Do you remember me?" is her next questions. I stare at her for a second. My head is racing, oh no, have we met before and if so what were the circumstance? Please, please let the circumstances have been pleasant. "The dog park she says". Then it all clicks. She and I had bonded at the dog park last week when her dog and my dog had become quite smitten with each other, but I had no idea she was a cop. This is awesome. I'm feeling confident that she may let me of the hook. The hook I'm currently dangling from says I was going too fast through a school zone. Not a good thing.
She goes back to her car, plays with her computer for a few minutes, comes back a lets me off with a warning. Waaahooo. High fives and chest bumps all around. Dexter saves the day and now I have a connection with the law enforcement, which means I can speed all I want, run a few red lights, maybe rob a bank or 2 and my new friend will do nothing more than slap my wrist and ask me what time and day Dexter will next be at the park. Talk about hooked up.

As far as the carriage house goes, things are starting to take shape.


And are moving along fast.


Its a little airy and spacious right now, but soon it will all start to make sense.


Unrelated photo, this is me, Mike and Fanz, playing with a little self-timer after dinner and vino at a downtown Atlanta restaurant.


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