Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Baltic Boston

This past weekend saw us wing our way up to Boston to spend some time with Husband’s side of the family. And let me just say, Boston in January, COLD, cold, oh so very cold. I felt it as soon as we deplaned and it took everything in my power to not turn on my semi-wedged heel and demand the pilot return me back to my rightful place, that is the warmer, drier climate of Georgia. Now I know most of you are probably screaming at me “but your Irish, isn’t it cold in Ireland too?” Yeah, it gets cold, but never Baltic cold. Rarely does the temperature go below zero. Rain, yes, we got that covered, many times over, but snow, ice, and temperatures of minus freezing, no sorry, not covered.
I did however do my best to get acclimatize and not allow the minor issues of snow and ice to hold me back. I even went out and trained in the stuff. It was a frightening experience, but it had to be done.

On warmer side of things, we did get to spend most of the weekend with our wee nephew, Paul. This little fella is cute as a button and growing so fast. Words are coming and walking is just a couple of weeks away and everything, I mean everything, gets his own personal taste test. Nothing is safe from his grip or his mouth. You need eyes in the back of your head to stay one step ahead of this guy.

An cos blogs are better with photos, here are a few from the weekend.

Husband and I try the parent look on for size. Clearly he is taking it way more serious than I am.

Paul is bundled up as we wait in line at the Boston Aquarium.

Totally absorbed in the fishes.

He even makes a grab for one.

Shinks braves the elements all in the name of health and fitness.

Paul supervises Husband as he child proofs the cupboards.

And later practises his walking skills.