Saturday, October 31, 2009

We're Movin Y'all

Today is moving day. Husband and I are moving. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time to blog about it. I'm stealing a quick break between truck loads of furniture in order to update.

I know it appears kind of out of the blue. Up to this point I haven't mentioned the fact that we've house hunting. And even though Husband and I have a very fine house in a very fine neighborhood right now, we've always had ambitions of owning something a bit more stand-alone and with a bit more space. Finally we have.

Its been quite the journey for us, 5 months to be exact, but this week we finally closed and now we are the proud owners of 12.5 acres, on a lake, with a small bungalow.

Its so exciting, we can hardly believe it. Our goal is to eventually build the dream home on this property, but for now we will be living happily in our wee bungalow on the lake.

I've posted a bunch of photos of the place we will now be calling "Home".

This is the driveway into our property.

This is our cutesy little home, for now.

This is what we see when we open our front door.

Another area of the property.

Let there be no doubt we are now country folk. Look at those logs I'll be chopping for winter fuel.

When I open my curtains in the morning, this is what I'll see. Yes, our back garden has a lake. Not a bad way to start the day

Husband takes a power-walk around the lake.

And there you have it. Now I have to get back to my moving duties. I can't wait till its all done, moving is such a pain.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Retro Birthday

This past Saturday was the night we chose to celebrate my birthday. True, is was a full week after the "official" day of my birth, but I'm a firm believer in dragging the hell out of anything that puts me at the centre of attention. What can I say? I'm an only girl, my parents spoiled me (thanks mam and dad xx).

Anyway, this year we opted to inject a little bit of retro into the birthday celebrations by hitting up a Roller Disco. Yes people, I said Roller Disco. We are talking lights, music, skates (of the 4 wheel and a stopper kind, the good stuff) and everyone moving in a an anti-clockwise manner. How is that for fun??

Everyone was suppose to show up sporting attire to match the throw-back vibe of the evening, however, not everyone adhered to the plan and yours truly with her Charlie's Angels halter-neck top, jeans tastelessly hiked up to her belly-button and a glitzy gold belt, ended up looking like a lost fashion soul. Thanks friends for that, RUDE!

To help give you more of a visual I included a bunch of photos from the evening.

We kicked off the evening with dinner and drinks at one of America's more high-end dining facilities, Hooters. Yep, that's the kinda girl I am, classy, all the way. Here we have Mike, Jennifer, Me and Fanz showing off our Hooters (or lack there of).

Ah yes, the infamous Roller-Skates. Now these babies take me back. As a kid I loved, loved, loved my roller-skates.

Mac and Mike can't wait to hit the floor.

The Birthday Girl and her high-waisted jeans.

Me, channeling Bambi.

A few minutes later and there we go. Just like riding a bike.

My view, as I tore it up.

I'm not gonna lie, the lads did struggle slightly. But the women were on hand to offer support and encouragement.

A little couple action from Peter and Fanz, cute.

Of course Kyle and Husband had to take it to a competitive place. Here they are about to race.

And they're off.

Kyle bit it in a very tight finish. Husband secured the victory, by a stopper.

Boo, time to hand back the old, OLD skates.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Marian & Rob Are Married

Last weekend I had the absolute honor and pleasure of shooting the wedding of 2 fellow Irish athletes, Rob and Marian. Before I talk about these two wonderful people as a couple, I want to first mention how I know then individually. Rob and I have been on the Irish track team for longer than I care to admit. He is a competitor in the 20 km walk and has had great success at European, World and Olympic level. As for Marian, well we met last year for the first time. If you've followed my blog for a while, you'll remember last summer I stepped out of athletic retirement in an effort to help Ireland qualify a women's 4 x 400m relay team for the Olympics. Well, we didn't end up making the Olympics but I did make a great and amazing new friend, Marian. Marian was part of the team and although we had never met before our first race together in Italy, we just seemed to hit it off. She is an amazing athlete. She has power and she has speed, but best of all she has determination and balls. This girl will run you over for a short cut when she's on the track. She means business and I loved it.

The morning of the wedding I sat with Marian, snapping photos as she was getting her hair and make-up done. I asked her to fill me in on how she and Rob met. 14 years, yes 14 years they've known each other. For the first 10 they were friends and for the final 4, they were a couple. How awesome is that? These two click on every level, they are disciplined, driven, focused and committed not just to their careers but to each other and they're also the funniest couple you'll ever met, natural and authentic, what you see is what you get and that's what makes them so great and a blast to be around.

The other thing that makes them awesome, is the fact that they asked me to be the photographer for they're wedding. This was an amazing, not to mention brave request by both of them. Knowing that I'm a newbie and still finding my feet, they didn't hesitate in asking me to capture their day and I was so grateful for their trust and confidence.

Marian and Rob, thank you so much for allowing me to document your special day. I loved every minute of it. I'm only sorry you didn't need me to document your honeymoon too, Jamaica sounds like just the ticket right about now. Hope you both had a blast.

I've posted a few photos here, but to see a ton more, click the link at the very bottom.

Marian's son Cathal was the ring-barer.

Cool car.

Marian you look fierce, fierce and fierce here. You too Rob.

In the tree, Marian's son Cathal and the adoreable little princess to his left is Rob's daughter Megan.

Click "HERE" to see tons more photos (HINT: when viewing the slideshow you can choose the speed in the upper left-hand corner. I recommend clicking "Fast", cos its, well, faster)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Have a Husband

I have a Husband......

....... who is a child trapped in a man's body.

........ who changes his mind, plans and dreams faster than Fintan when he's trying to escape the neighbors dog.

........who almost never listens to a word I say (éist liom).

........who f*#ks up, regularly.

.......who insists on answering his cell phone during all our meals.

........who buys clothes I raise an eyebrow at and wears them, with beaming pride.

........who exits in a form of "Tunnel Vision" when the Red Sox or Patriots flex their baseball or football muscles.

........ who stays up waaaaaay past his bedtime.

........who says I'm not scared of murderers and rapists when I'm clearly and plainly telling him, in English, that I am scared of murderers and rapists.

........who forgets to show any romance for occasions like Valentines Day and Anniversaries.

........who frustrates me so much that I want to smack him, HARD.

But I also have a Husband...........

.......who understands my twisted sense of humor and thinks I'm hilarious.

.......who makes me laugh, even when I don't want to.

.......who knows how to disarm me when I'm mad.

.......who forces me to try new things, regardless of my protests and never says "told you so" when I end up having the time of my life.

.......who says "sorry", even though I know he has no idea what he should be sorry for.

.......who knows what I'm thinking before I even open my mouth.

.......who doesn't judge my twisted way of thinking and my weird and wonderful habits.

........who supports any and every new avenue I want to pursue.

........who shows up with the most random gifts and leaves me wondering "what the hell was he thinking??"

.......who won't stop talking about baseball and football, long after I'm done listening.

........who insists on explaining the inner workings of a car engine or pointing out how I should get from A to B via a map when he can clearly see that the lights are on, but nobody is home.

........ who says its "ok" when I scrap, dent or crash yet another vehicle (even though I know its not, he's gutted but trying to be nice)

.......who turns a blind eye to my ever increasing collection of boots, shoes and dresses.

....... who never complains as the above collection of boots, shoes and dresses creep its way onto "his side" of our closet.

.......who believes I can be great at anything I do.

........who got me the most amazing birthday gift, ever.

Yes, today is my birthday and right when I fear he may show up with something random, leaving me wondering "what the hell were you thinking", Husband blindsides me with a gift that proves
1. he does in fact sometimes listen to me and
2. he knows what I'm thinking before I even say a word.

Husband you know what you did. You did good. Enjoy this blog of compliments cos nice Shinks will be gone again before you know it.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

Its been a whirlwind weekend. Thursday I flew to Ireland cos on Saturday, I was shooting the wedding of 2 Irish athlete friends of mine, Marian Andrews and Robert Heffernan. I'll blog more about their big day as the week goes on. I just got back to Atlanta today and I am wrecked. I think I may have picked up the flu. Regular, Swine, Bird or whatever the latest designer flu is thats going around, I think I got it. The symptoms are all there.

I haven't had a chance to go through all of the photos yet, but I have gone through some. I included 2 of my favorites so far below and hope there are plenty more favorites where they came from.

Marian and Rob just after the ceremony.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Holli and Jeremy Wedding

So I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I'd made a trip to St. Simon's Island, Georgia to shoot a wedding. Well, really my amazing photographer friend Jill Higgins, who I'd assisted back in June at a wedding in South Carolina, was shooting, but she offered me the opportunity to tagged along so I could get some much needed wedding photography practice.
Honestly, I can't say enough good things about Jill. She has been such a resource, help and example to me of what an amazing photographer should be and her coolness and professionalism makes me feel like such an amateur. I can only hope that one day I'll be able to shoot half as good as she can

But let me briefly mention the bride, Holli and groom, Jeremy. The day of the wedding was our first introduction. I'd never met either of them before and I can honestly say, if you ask either of them now, after the wedding, if they remember me there, capturing photo after photo of their wedding day, I'm betting the answer would be "No". Why? Because this couple only had eyes for each other all day long. It was amazing to see and even more amazing to shoot. A couple this much in love provides endless opportunities to capture moment after stunning moment of timeless photos. From a photographers perspective, it was so freeing. Holli and Jeremy were so absorbed in each other, they didn't care what was asked of them. As a result, Jill and I were able to get some very special shots.

Holli and Jeremy also decided to have a "First Look" before the ceremony, giving them some stolen moments together before all the guests arrived and us an opportunity to get some great photos of them together.

And from the tons and tons of photos I shot that day, below are a bunch of my favorites. I hope you enjoy.

Holli gets some assistance getting into her stunning dress.

The final touches before she goes to met her future husband.

Jeremy, tall and handsome, waits patiently for his bride.

Holli puts Jeremy's final touches together.

Love, love, love this photo. Love it.

Love this one too.

A view of the ceremony venue. I shot this from the 5th floor of the hotel, hence the miniature looking seating.

A closer shot.

The cutest, blondest and most handsome best-man, ever. Holli's son.

Finally, Mr & Mrs.

Look out boys, this maid-of-honor is gonna be a stunner. Holli's daughter.

The necklace was a gift from both Holli & Jeremy.

The first dance.

Enjoying a view of the ocean from the hotel roof-top.

Congratulations Holli and Jeremy. And thank you so much for letting me be a apart of your special day. Thank you too Jill, for being amazing.