Monday, May 17, 2010

Its BIG Announcement Day

Pack your bags everyone.........

.........WE ARE MOVING. No joke. I have a brand new blog and not only that, I have a band new website too. So hurry up, click on the link below to be transported to a spanking new blog and a spanking new website.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Photo-booth Fun

The photo below might have you believe that its Mardi Gras again or maybe Halloween but you'd be wrong on both counts. These were the props used for a little photo-booth fun at wedding this evening. Yep, tonight for a couple of hours I help a photographer friend of mine put a little crazy into the wedding celebrations of a very cute couple.


It was so much fun and the guests enthusiasm to play took an already enjoyable day to a whole new level.



Friday, May 14, 2010

Big Announcement Coming

Hold on to your pants everyone, there is a big announcement coming early next week. I'm so excited and I can't wait to share. But for now you have to be patient and let your imaginations go crazy.

Ok, and in this shot I was suppose to be fabulously cute, clever and coy, but sometimes things don't turn out exactly how you expected. It was a solo project and trust me when I tell you, this was the best of a very bad bunch, sad, I know.


Have a Happy Friday Everyone! Its been a tough week and I'm off to meet some friends for a cocktail.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Left V's Right

Something happened early in the morning, something small, but for some unknown reason it p*#%ed me off bad and consumed all of my emotional energy for the rest of the day. I couldn't push past it. As a result I almost got into a confrontation with the lady at the sandwich shop cos I was convinced her tone was condescending. Or how about yelling at my GPS, Maggs, cos she kept changing the estimated time of arrival at my destination. "Seriously Maggs, I'm not in the mood for mind games."

The left size of my brain, if that's the rational side, knew I was acting completely irrational. Yet the right side of my brain, if that's the emotional side, overpowered all reason. As a result I sit on my couch this evening depleted, drained, pondering my lack of ability to shake things off and move on. I guess that's why I married Husband. He appears to have this ability in abundance. Its so annoying.

Anyway, todays Photo of the Day I wanted to be of my amazing friend Rupa, but Rupa was not feeling her most fabulous, so instead she offered up a gift her husband had purchased for her as my subject. Why? Cos it was hugely expensive and hugely expensive gifts deserve to be visually documented. And I agree. So Voila


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oncoming Traffic

Boredom in the car and yet another red light lead to more camera play. However I'm sometimes a bit paranoid when I shoot randomly in public. I know I don't fit the stereo typical profile of a terrorist, but who knows these days. So I did my best while hanging out of my car window and aiming my lens at the oncoming traffic, to do it in complete style. Therefore looking less suspicious and more fabulous.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Shopping List, Man Style

I don't love Home Depot, not like Husband loves Home Depot. On a day off he would choose to hang out there all day, but not I. Going to Home Depot gives me anxiety. Usually I'm being sent there under Husband's orders for some very specific things and usually I mess it up. Why? Cos I'm a girl and girls don't speak man and if you hand me a list that says 5 x 2 x 10 x 12 then my instinct is to whip out my calculate and start doing the math or I'll just break down and cry cos how the hell am I suppose to know that that is code for a particular plank of wood? Seriously.
Or what about 3/8 of an inch x 10 inch 50lb spike nails? I'm smart enough to see the clue in this one, "spike nails" so obviously we are talking nails here. But have you ever gone to the nail section at Home Depot? It's (insert Irish girl profanity) huge. Rows and rows, ceiling to floor of nothing but nails, in all shapes and sizes on both sides of the aisle. Its completely overwhelming and what is a girl to do when overwhelmed? Why breakdown and cry of course. That or call the Husband and yell at him for setting you up to fail, cos trust me, in this situation failure is guaranteed.

However, numerous failures at the Home Depot have allowed me to acknowledge my weaknesses and adapt a new technique of delegation. Now when I'm sent on a mission of lumber, nails or tools, I simply hand my list over to a very friendly Home Depot helper and ask them in a manner of Tim Gunn, a la Project Runway, to "make it work". Thus avoiding all kinds of stress and increasing the chances of a successful outcome.

All this is bringing me to my Photo of the Day. Today I accompanied Husband on a shopping spree to Home Depot. A stress free trip cos today he was with me. Today he would know exactly what to get and where to find it and all I needed to do was play a supporting roll. Easy. Before we left he handed me his shopping list, not on a post-it, not on a scrappy piece of envelope or the corner of an old newspaper, no, he handed me a piece of wood. Shopping list, man style.