Monday, May 3, 2010

Sick Day

Something felt off as I went to bed last night and this morning when I woke up, I was full blown sick and absolutely miserable. I'll spare the gory details of my emergency sprints to the bathroom, but honey, it wasn't pretty.
I tired snacking on some grapes. For some reason grapes felt like the solution, but I was wrong, grapes were actually a trigger for violent stomach reactions that left me on my knees getting better equated with the toilet. Misery.

And for the record I would like to officially say that I'm blaming my Dad for this. Why? because he saw it coming. Last week while we were chatting to told to me slow down "you'd want to be careful Ka, if you don't slow down you'll make yourself sick". My reaction, "Da, stop worrying, I'm fine, I like to keep busy". Well I wasn't fine and don't you just hate when your parents are right? But the good news is I'm mending.

But I didn't mend enough to pick up my camera and shoot today, it just wasn't in me, so I'm sorry but todays photos are a bit of "Here's one I made earlier" situation.

These particular photos I took of a church in Southborough, Massachusetts, a town close to where my mother-in-law lives "Hi Diane" and I promise I'll have my camera back in hand tomorrow.




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Artstar said...

Karen, love the blue and yellow door, and catching up on your adventures! Congrats on finishing phase 1 of your challenge. And your running shoes? The Coolest. Ever.