Sunday, May 9, 2010

Night Light

Tonight we took the camera out for some night time fun. Husband's business partner, Piotrek popped into town for a 24 hour visit and for the evenings entertainment we headed out into the darkness with a camera, tripod and a couple of torches in tow.

Long exposures and painting with light was the theme of the evening and by leaving the camera shutter open for 30 seconds, it gave us all enough time to write our various messages into the darkness.

My message was of a personal nature.


Husband tapped into his marketing skills to promote my brand, but got the "S" a little ass backwards. I still love the effort and I like his thinking.


Here the goal was to light up Piotrek and I think we did pretty well.



Edward said...

very cool pics Sis

Shinks said...

Thanks Ed. Cool definitely = Me : )

Dinara said...

WOW I love these pictures - very different. Nice work.
How is the carriage house coming along? All done and moved in? :O)

Shinks said...

Dinara: Carriage House progress has steadied for now. Maybe the weekend there will be another surge.

Katrina Wheeler said...

thats really cool!