Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Left V's Right

Something happened early in the morning, something small, but for some unknown reason it p*#%ed me off bad and consumed all of my emotional energy for the rest of the day. I couldn't push past it. As a result I almost got into a confrontation with the lady at the sandwich shop cos I was convinced her tone was condescending. Or how about yelling at my GPS, Maggs, cos she kept changing the estimated time of arrival at my destination. "Seriously Maggs, I'm not in the mood for mind games."

The left size of my brain, if that's the rational side, knew I was acting completely irrational. Yet the right side of my brain, if that's the emotional side, overpowered all reason. As a result I sit on my couch this evening depleted, drained, pondering my lack of ability to shake things off and move on. I guess that's why I married Husband. He appears to have this ability in abundance. Its so annoying.

Anyway, todays Photo of the Day I wanted to be of my amazing friend Rupa, but Rupa was not feeling her most fabulous, so instead she offered up a gift her husband had purchased for her as my subject. Why? Cos it was hugely expensive and hugely expensive gifts deserve to be visually documented. And I agree. So Voila



Artstar said...

Lovely image, did you get a new lens? A 50mm 1.2 maybe? : )

Shinks said...

I wish, still the 1.8. Almost got the 1.2 last week, but then did something responsible with the money instead. Booo to responsibility.

Rupa said...

OMG Karen...LOVE the image -- you made a work of art out of a work of art!! How beautiful is she, huh? Promise I'll be feeling up to it one day very soon to be on the other side of the lens! xoxo