Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

Today is Cinco de Mayo, Olé. For those not in the know, its Mexico's equivalent to St. Patrick's day. And since there is a huge hispanic community here in Georgia, its a pretty big deal. So where should one be on a day of celebration such as this? Why a mexican restuaurant/bar shakin her maracas of course. But where was I really? Shakin the lactic from my calves, hamstrings and butt after several 500m beat downs on the track, Olé.

For me, sometimes the line between a competitive athlete and retired athlete feels kinda blurred. In order to pace-make I still have to retain a pretty high level of fitness and endurance, which means sucking up some tough workouts and pushing through the physical pain barriers I was sure I left behind when I announced to the world "Yo, world, I'm Retired, no more lactic, pukey, track beat downs for me. Peace out suckers" Yet here I am, still pounding it out. Who's the sucker now? The sick thing is, I love it. I'm addicted. For most of my life, its all I knew. If I can't find ways to challenge myself physically, then I feel lost and out of balance. Twisted, right?

Anyway, here's my view of the track today. You'll notice its very close to ground level, cos thats where I was, laid out, all over the ground, waiting for booty lock to pass.


And there were no Corona's for me today either. It was smoothies all the way. Healthy, well balanced and perfect post workout.



Derval O'Rourke said...

I feel ya the Shinks. I spend loads of time viewing the track from that angle. By the way me thinks you doing pacing=you being able to run at least 53=on Irish relay=Europeans 4x4=on lash know you want to for old times sake. Think Birmingham 03 and vip club membership. Think Paris 03 and bitch slaps.........

Shinks said...

Think Munich '04 and all the high-end shopping. Think Helsinki '05 and being dragged around the w'illage during a good kip. So many memories. You really are selling it to me well. Ok, I'm in.